Best Flea Shampoo for Dogs

If you have recently had issues with fleas on your dog and are looking for a good flea shampoo for him that is guaranteed to make sure the flea problem is gone for good, there are a variety of options that are great to combat this issue.
One of the best flea shampoos for dogs is Bio Guard Gentle Shampoo. This is a fantastic shampoo for dogs and is safe and gentle enough to use on puppies. The product is water based and will not wash out or irritate your pets skin, giving them long term relief and protection against fleas.
Another great product is Hartz InControl Flea Shampoo for Dogs. This comes in the traditional formula or in an all-natural oatmeal based shampoo. Both of these formulas have the ability to kill fleas and ticks on contact and offer protection against future problems. However, it must be warned to any pet owner. The Hartz InControl Flea Shampoo has received wonderful reviews from pet owners, however, less than stellar reviews have been given to the Hartz InControl Flea Drop, and this author would advise avoiding that part of the Hartz product line.
Another great flea shampoo for dogs is the Zodiac FleaTrol Shampoo. This is a coconut based shampoo with insect repellant. The active ingredients kill and prevent fleas and the conditioning agents in the shampoo will help your dog’s fur shine and feel silky.
All of these products can be found at major pet care stores and are available online. These shampoos are highly recommended for the prevention of fleas and are great to use in conjunction with another flea preventative, like a collar or a topical solution.
These products have been recommended and tested by veterinarians and pet care professionals.

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