Cat Flea Bites on Humans

There is nothing good about cat fleas. These little bugs can cause health problems related to itching, hair loss, dermatitis, and allergic reactions in your cat and can also cause a major issue for your home.
Furthermore, if you believe that you can deal with a flea infestation and put off treating it or taking care of it, think again. When those cat fleas start biting you maybe you will come to the realization of what your pet is going through and start work on ridding your house of the nasty bugs.

Cat Flea Bites on Human Arm

Cat fleas, while they may prefer living on a cat, can also bite you and other pets in your household, including dogs and puppies. They can also cause health problems in humans and animals that are related to anemia and tapeworms, both of which can become serious problems.
When you are dealing with a cat flea infestation you have to understand that it is not just your pet that you have to “de-flea.” You have to be able to kill the problem in your house because it is very likely that is where it has spread.
In order to treat the problem correctly, it will be necessary to first get rid of the problem on your cat by using a flea shampoo or dip. Always take note of the ingredients used in these products and try to work with a natural solution. All-natural products are just as effective as chemical-based products and do not require you to expose your cat or yourself to pesticides that could harm their skin and their health.
After you know your cat is flea free, it will be necessary for you to do a thorough clean on your house. All bedding, clothing and other linens should be washed in hot water and dried on a high heat cycle to make sure fleas are dead. You need to vacuum all floors, including wood floors, with a high power vacuum or shop vac.
If you have decided to use a flea bomb, make sure you follow the directions and take extra precaution so you do not expose your family members or your pets to harmful chemicals.
If, after all of this, you feel that you still have a problem with fleas, consult with a veterinarian or a pest control company to explore other options.

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