Contemperory Ideas To Grow Vegetables

If area is scarce vegetables can be grown in drooping baskets. Herbs are good for baskets but the best variety is dense or bush. Pairing basil and tomato produces an attractive and delicious display.
Time can be saved by using the drip watering method. Containers can be recycled and money saved on buying containers. Old piece of wine crates can be used for Thumbelina carrots, signet marigolds, lettuce and strawberries.
Different sized containers can be used to form a group to give extra interest. Four containers containing tomato, cucumber, basil thyme, parsley and pepper gives a good look to landscape.
Vegetables with beautiful leaves, fruits and flowers, red stalked Swiss chard, hot pepper and Gem Marigolds give the container good texture and color.
In window boxes variegated sage, Italian parsley, sweet alyssum and variegated rhyme can b grown so that good scents come in the home every time the window is opened.
Usable flowers can be grown to give cheer and color to the container, and dishes, salads and desserts.
Textural contrasts can be got by growing bold and big eggplant with rosemary with leaves like needle. Potted lemon verbena, thyme and citrus give an enhancement to the effect. Chives and onions can be grown in contrast to tomatoes, peppers and cucumber. The vines cucumber, peas or beans can be allowed to grow up and the remaining spacing in container filled with fillers like signet marigold, eggplant and kale.
Scrambling cucumber with bright flowers, big leaves and tasty fruits can be grown with rosemary an erect plant.
Lettuce in the container fades in summer and allows to grow pepper , egg plant or some other heat loving type with lemon verbena.
More plants can be grown in a little space. Four pots produce rosemary, tomatoes, cucumbers, eggplants, peppers, basil.
The container can be kept where it could be easily accessible. Planting plants together is a big problem and hints given for foliage color, leaf and flower can be used to help. Blue basil which has a purple tone goes with Black Pearl Pepper with dark leaves, red cabbage, Purple Ruffles, kohlrabi and red cabbage bled wonderfully.
Natutuiums, tomato, peppers, pineapple sage, basil and nasturtiums gives cottage garden style.
Garden décor can occupy a small room in container. Bentwood fence enhances the interests and color to chives, parsley and basil plantings.
If vegetables and herbs should not be the focal point of the container then garden art can be tucked in. A set of bee skeps makes an ideal accent to the container.
Favorite vegetable can be cultivated in an exciting way by choosing a device known as patio garden 5 gallon bucket making a hole underneath and hanging baskets.

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