Dealing With Dog Fleas

Dog fleas can be a difficult problem to deal with, and also one that can cause related issues that can have far reaching effects. Unfortunately, it is one that can rear its ugly head at any time, and the negative consequences can make life difficult at times to handle. There are some suggestions that might help either prevent the problem before it gets started, or effectively deal with it after it is discovered. Let us take a look at how to get rid of fleas on dogs.
There are some obvious symptoms to watch for that give clear signs that a problem exists. One is excessive biting, chewing or scratching, particularly in relation to the tail, rear end or outer side of the animal’s thigh area. Another symptom of fleas on dogs can be an obvious loss of hair. Attention should also be paid to the appearance of any skin lesions or raised red bumps that suddenly appear. All of these are cause for concern and immediate action. Besides just being an uncomfortable nuisance to live with, there are even more serious potential problems that may occur. It has been established that dog fleas can also be responsible for causing allergic dermatitis, anemia or tapeworms. These of course all require treatment by the family veterinarian to deal with.
Of course, in the best of all possible worlds, positive steps taken beforehand can hopefully stop the problem before it begins. Some things that have proven effective are regular baths with one of the several proven flea shampoos available on the market. Grooming with a flea comb and making certain to dip it into warm soapy water after each stroke can be a plus. Careful attention and monitoring of the areas where the pet spends much of its time, such as their bedding and any areas of their choice both inside and out must be paid. Moreover, a well planned diet trying to eliminate items containing chemical preservatives and artificial food colorings will help.
However, if and when the problem is proven to exist obviously it must be dealt with directly, and there are a number of dog flea treatment products that have enjoyed great success. Two of the most popular are Frontline Combo and Advantage. Results for both of these are well documented. In other situations acting as a preventive assistance, two others have received good reviews. One of them is Sentinel, which is administered on a monthly basis, while the other is Capstar, which can be taken daily. Finally, it can never be over-estimated what the value of regular vacuuming is and how it is so vital. One must just make certain that they take precautions to insure they kill the insects that wind up in the vacuum bag to ensure they will not escape. Probably the simplest way of doing this is to get a flea collar and insert it into the bag. If all else fails, the services of a professional flea exterminator may be required to assist in getting rid of the problem.

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