Diatomaceous Earth: Fleas Controlled Naturally

I’m pretty sure that most pet lovers have at one time or another experienced the misery of fleas on your pets and in your home. It is an unpleasant experience to be sure. Fleas are not only a nuisance but they can also be dangerous for your pets. Not to mention uncomfortable for you. The flea bites and itching on both human and animal causes much discomfort. Luckily if you use Diatomaceous Earth, fleas will flee.

What in the World is Diatomaceous Earth?

If you are wondering what Diatomaceous Earth is, it is quite simple, it is a non toxic product that will not harm your pet, it has many minerals to not only make fleas go away, but it will also make your dogs coat look healthy and shiny. When the fleas leave, they take along other annoying insects too, even mosquitoes. Now if you have a pool you may be familiar with Diatomaceous Earth that is used for pools, this is different from the one we are talking about for fleas. The one that goes in pool filters would be toxic and harmful for dogs. It is important to know that it is the Food Grade variety of Diatomaceous Earth that is used to get rid of fleas.

Where’s Diatomaceous Earth Come From?

It is mined from from ancient dried lakes. It is what remains from phytoplankton that used to be in oceans and lakes that were once part of the Western United States.

How Does it Kill Fleas?

The way that it gets rid of insects is that what remains from the phytoplankton is called diatoms, they have sharp edges that cut the insects when it comes in contact with them. The insects skeleton gets cut, the powdery Diatomaceous Earth then absorbs the fluids from the body which causes dehydration. The fleas then die from dehydration.

How to Get Rid of Fleas with Diatomaceous Earth

To get rid of fleas in the yard, sprinkle DE around the entrances to your home, in the grass and the base of trees and bushes. Use it liberally and in whichever areas of your yard where fleas seem to be most prevalent. Typically, it’s sold in 10-lb. bags, so there’s plenty to spread around. That being said, if you could only find the smaller canisters of the product, make sure that you’ve covered the threshold of your home so that at the very least you can keep a home flea infestation at bay.
To use this product to get rid of fleas on dogs (or cats), you just rub it on your pet’s coat. I was amazed by how quickly it worked, and you will be too. You can have the peace of mind of knowing you are not putting potentially harmful chemicals on your pet, near your children or in your home. There is no unpleasant smell, there is no odor at all, the only way you will even know that something is on the dog is that you will notice the fleas are gone. This is especially great in homes where someone has reactions to flea collars, dips or flea shampoo. Even if no one in the home has reactions, who wants those chemicals in the house and around our families? However, flea relief is only part of the story of this wonderful product. You will be surprised to see how many other conditions and ailments that it can help with.
In addition to killing fleas and making your dog’s coat glossy and pretty, the product helps with worming. It also gets rid of ear mites, and kills flies. If that wasn’t enough, it also helps protect against bacteria, helps with your dog’s digestion, and keeps the colon working properly. With all that this product does, it is something that all homes with dogs should have. I feel that in my home it makes sense to try more natural products, the less harmful things brought into my home the better. Our pets are members of the family, they deserve to be free from the pests that attack them, and they deserve to have products used on them that will not cause more harm than good.

Where to Buy Diatomaceous Earth

Regular DE is commonly found in hardware stores, gardening supply centers and pool supply places, but the Food Grade stuff can be a bit more elusive. If you live in a town that has a feed store, try there. Also, some pet stores carry it these days. Of course, almost anything is available to purchase online.

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