Do I Need a Flea Exterminator?

When the popular children’s movie, Lady and The Tramp hit theaters in 1955, it was kind of cute to think of an alley dog with fleas. Then, when the fleas got into your house on the dog’s back, it was not cute any more. All the scratching, the flaky skin, the sad look in your dog’s eyes suddenly made fleas a major nuisance. And you never even saw your dog share a plate of spaghetti with the beagle next door. Fortunately, you can find a dog flea treatment that can rescue your dog from the bondage of this strangely indestructible beast of burden.
It is common now for people to be concerned about chemicals and many people would prefer to go with the “all natural” remedies to get rid of fleas whenever possible. In the case of dog fleas, it might not be the best idea. Considering the dangers that accompany these tiny biters, if they are not exterminated quickly you can find your home compromised. Few pet owners are aware of the fact that their pet may have allergies to a flea bite, and that fleas have to bite and drink blood to reproduce. They are miniature vampires. Even fewer pet owners know that fleas can cause disease in people. Flea-borne typhus can be contracted in humans from flea bites; and though easy to treat, if not properly medicated by a doctor, can be fatal. So it is important to use the best products to rid your home of the problem.
Dog fleas are difficult to get rid of. Once a dog has tracked into the house with fleas on its back the entire house will have to be treated in order to get rid of fleas and the eggs they have laid. Otherwise they will come back again. A flea bomb or boric acid should work great to expel them from your home. But before treating the house, make sure to treat your pet, as it will be the source of vitality for the flea.
To treat a dog you will need a few dog flea products. A great dog flea treatment product is Frontline. Their line of products can treat your dog through a number of methods. Many pet owners prefer a flea spray, as they can see it coat the dog’s fur. It somehow seems to assuage an owner’s fear if they can see the product make contact with the enemy. Sprays are effective as long as they are thoroughly applied. Topical treatments are available through Frontline as well and have the advantage of systematic absorption that will kill the pests.

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