Flea Spray and Your Pet’s Health

There are so many products on the market for our pet’s protection and health; it is hard to decide which one will work the best. Knowing what to look for and how the product is correctly used, will save time and future heartache of pet injuries. Flea spray is ok to spray on your pets, but do not get it in their eyes or yours. If you get it in your eyes, flush with water for ten to twenty minutes, then seek medical attention. Be very careful using the spray so as not to cause any injuries. Most flea yard spray will also help to give a healthy shine to your pet’s coat.
One of the biggest problems when it comes to pet health is fleas and ticks. They infest an animal’s fur and bite into the skin below. This will cause extreme discomfort to the pet. Itching occurs every time a flea bites and when there are several hundred fleas on our pet, they seem to be scratching and biting the infected areas on a constant basis.
As the problem continues, it is not unusual for infection to set in and hair loss to occur. Once the infection takes hold, the pet can end up with more health problems. An infection can cause illness, internal problems and vomiting. If the infection becomes bad enough the animal will have to go to a vet, receive medication and sometimes be euthanized.
Ticks are another problem for animals exposed to outdoor areas and mountain home environment. However, just about anywhere outdoors, animals are exposed to fleas and ticks. Once a tick gets into the animals skin it will continue to burrow and lay eggs. Ticks are known to cause Lyme disease and jump or transfer from pets to humans.
There are different types of flea spray to consider. One is for pets only, and one is for the home, furniture and bedding. The home spray cannot to be sprayed on pets or humans. For the home spray, it is ok to cover rugs, sofas, chairs and bedding. Do not spray so much that it leaves any of the surfaces wet. The home spray will help to kill and control fleas, and kill the eggs and larvae.
There are different strength sprays for large pets and small pets, cats and dogs. Read the label carefully regarding weights so you do not overexpose a little pet. You want to learn how to get rid of fleas so they will have a good quality of life. Pets are our life companions, our friends and most of the time a big part of our families. Treat your pet with love and kindness and work to keep them healthy.

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