K9 Advantix

K9 Advantix, a topical flea control treatment, stops fleas dead in their tracks within 12 hours of applying. It is water resistant and continues to work for a month.
The active ingredients, Imidacloprid and Permethrin have been shown to kill both adult fleas and their larvae, so if used at the beginning of the “flea season”, your dog will be fully protected and fleas will be kept from further breeding.
Like a lot of the flea control for dogs that’s on the market today, it repels ticks, as well. What’s different about this product, however, is that it also repels mosquitoes before they can even bite your dog.
From my personal experience, this is an extremely effective, powerful product. However, if you have ANY cats in the house, please DO NOT USE k9 Advantix! It’s both an effective flea killer and cat killer. To the manufacturer’s credit, they do state that the gel is to be used on dogs only. What I got from that was, “Don’t apply it directly to your cat!”. Unfortunately, I used it on my 2-year-old lab mix about a year ago and within 36 hours, my cat stopped eating, drinking and became terribly lethargic. I rushed him to the vet and found out that there was a transfer because both the cat and dog frequently share the same bedding (mine!). The poor cat had to hospitalized because his liver and kidneys could not handle the poison.
On a side note: the dog was blissfully flea free for 3 months after that and the cat has since fully recovered. We now use Frontline Plus on the cat and the dog gets Comfortis (the flea pill) every month. We are happily flea free. If you go over to Pet Care Choice, you can Save 80% on Frontline Plus. Actually, they have some of the best prices around for all pet meds. It’s definitely worth checking out.
If you don’t have any cats in the house, K9 Advantix does do a fantastic job of getting rid of fleas.
Here’s a link to the best price that I’ve seen (and they’re offering FREE SHIPPING on all of their flea control right now): Shop US Pets to get the very lowest prices on K9 Advantix flea and tick medicine anywhere. Free shipping!

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