Landscaping With Vegetable And Flower Plants

If the garden does not have enough space to grow fruit trees miniature and dwarf size trees which are four or five feet tall can be grown in whiskey barrels or pots. Rhubarb looks better as a floral border or bed rather than growing in vegetable garden.
Strawberries look good if grown as ground cover in extended rows with a few planted deep all along border and flower bed edges. White flowers cover the plants during spring and in fall leaves change to a rich chocolate color. Currant and blueberry look pretty if used as a decorative shrub to cover the hedge to get many fruits.
Growing two grapevine plants over arbor looks beautiful.
Growing raspberries at home is inexpensive. Ever bearing type plants can be grown to give production from frost to midsummer and since they do not need much sun light it can be grown in a edge of yard.
Melons, zucchimi and cucumber which are vining kind vegetables can be grown along flower border by training them to raise vertically and it reduced fungal problems
Creative vegetable garden sketch can be created by creating a sequence of raised beds along with gravel path and wood chip. French gardens are very beautiful and efficient.
While planting vegetables keep their look and flavor in mind. Alternating white cauliflowers with purple cabbage in a single row gives a good look. Planting in clusters and blocks gives a different decorative effect.
Lettuces can be grown inside window boxes and tomatoes in big pots, while hot peppers which give rich color when ripe can be mixed with vinca and marigolds which are annual flowers.
Tomatoes grow well inside flower beds rather than in vegetable garden. The reason for it is tomato plant has to be shifted every year to avoid disease and vegetable patch has limited space. Segregating from tomato plants is better since disease will not hop from one plant to other.
Red and purple lettuces form a good border or bed if planted in a single row. Some vegetables are shade tolerant like cabbage, Brussels, garlic spinach, Brussels sprout, beans, radish, turnip and lettuce. Bold colored vegetables like Swiss chard which comes in rainbow colors or yellow pepper can be planted in between flowers. Pole beans with heart shape leaves look good along fence and mustards look good for borders and in containers.
Herbs come in variety of colors and can be used in beds, containers and as borders. Chives with ball like pink flowers and green foliage are good for edging. Thyme, Oregano, rosemary, chamomile, and prostrate are good ground covers. Herbs can be mixed with other plants to give a decorative look. Indoor arrangements use tarragon sages, basil and chives.

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