Strategy To Maintain An Organic Vegetable Garden

If you want to have your garden with healthiest plants, be sure to have fine conditions for growing. For many of the vegetables it is the full sunshine i.e. they need bright sunshine for six hours a day. In case, if your soil is not that much good, raise its condition with the help of compost and matter.
Wisely select the plants:
Plants like tomatoes and others physically get attacked by diseases and pests very quickly when compared to other kind of crops. To be on the safer side choose plants that do not get a hold of disease quickly.
Make a natural feeding for plants:
For some variety of soils, fertilizing is not needed; they could make the crop grow quickly without extra nutrition added to it. If you want to nourish your crop select natural yields like sound-rotted animal dung got by the way of plant-eating animals like sheep, horses, chickens and rabbits. You could also make a search for the pre-packed organic materials through the online or make enquiry in your home garden center.
It is important to note that if your soil is a rich one naturally, it is good for you to leave your soil without fertilizing. If you add lots of good things in your soil your plants get lots of green which is liked by the pests. Insects as well as diseases are resisted by the slow growing plants.
Carry out rotation:
Supposing, if you are planting the particular variety of crop every year, it could be easily attacked by disease. For this reason plant your crop in some other area of your garden every year. Normally, the closely related foliage gets easily attacked by particular diseases, so do not plant them in the place where their links stayed in the past two years. There are 2 biggest families, the family of tomato (peppers, eggplant, tomatoes and potatoes) and the family of squash (cucumber, pumpkin, watermelon and squash).
Mulch well:
If you make a coating of mulch on the soil, it could help you to get rid of weeds and it also acts as the barrier to put off the fungal disease that appears on the leaves of the foliage. For good result coating of mulch with one or two inches is best. To get additional advantage use the mulch formed by the organic material which will rot. When it gets break down your soil will get organic matter.
Perform war against weeds:
Not alone the weeds take share in the nutrition of the soil, but it also welcomes the pests. These pests could spread the diseases from plant to plant at the time when they feed on them.
Maintain the place clean:
Usually, diseases spread by the way of dead and fallen foliage, so it is good to clean the area at least once in a week.

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