Vegetable Gardening In Fall

Spinach and lettuce are cold season crops which grow well in mild temperature of autumn. Fall season vegetable garden can be created using late seasonal treats. Some tips are given to extend the vegetable season even later days of summer and beyond it.
The secret behind fall season vegetable garden is to get the timing properly. It has to be planned backward. Calculate the initial fall frost average date and then the days needed to harvest all the planted vegetable using the seed pack instruction or some special websites which are plant Encyclopedia.
The garden should be prepared to plant the new plants by clearing all the old plants which have died to illness or peas which has finished harvesting or burned. All weeds should be removed so that the moisture is not stolen by the weeds and depriving the plants from good nutrition.
Then compost is mixed with the soil especially if it contains more clay so that the young plants grow easily. Seeds can be used to grow fall garden vegetables. During fall many gardeners in nursery give discount for seeds.
The basic of planting seed is similar in both spring and autumn .Best quality seeds should be used. If the same container is used that was used in spring then it should be washed with bleach diluted with ten parts of water to get rid of disease organism.
The seeds need cool climate so cool seasonal vegetables can be grown indoors inside air conditioning rooms. If planted outdoors the seeds should be planted deeper than in spring since the seeds stay cooler and moister if planted an extra inch down inside the soil.
The plants should be watered well in July and August which are hot months. The vegetables need an inch of water every week in fall, spring and summer. After being established in the soil the transplants or seedlings need watering deep once in a week rather than watering slightly many times.
Pests and disease should be spotted immediately and treated immediately. The growing season can be extended by using cloche for individual plants and old sheet, row cover or tarp and blanket to protect from frost.
Quick crops like mustard, arugula, radishes, turnips, spinach are ready in a month. Green onions, carrots, beets, Chinese cabbage, cauliflower can be grown in December since they handle frost easily. Kale and spinach grow in early days of winter and picking started as weather starts freezing. If sheltered by plastic tunnel, then spinach survives winter and produces sweet leaves in spring.
Fall vegetables are difficult to grow but good result is got if proper protection is taken and the right variety is chosen. Choosing early maturing variety is better.

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